We like to create things differently!


Think outside the box and beyond!


Inspire kids from all over the world to dream no matter the obstacles. There are not enough African America and Native American IP’s on TV today to help educate kids about their cultures and history.

Sparking conversations and inspiring the imagination, with a vision that cannot be taught, and must be personally experienced.

Creating new diverse ideas!

Skills Include

Brand Development

​IP Development

Original Ideas

​Rights Management





II Tribes Entertainment LLC is a creative lab and brand-incubator focused on the development cutting-edge IP, transforming art & story into animation, live action film concepts, tv series and family entertainment!

Creativity is not something that come easy. It comes from the mind, heart and gut!  II Tribes Entertainment was created from Xavier's family history being West African, Native American and West European ancestries.  His love for family history, world tribes, world cultures, mythology and especially art plays a big part in this company.

CREATOR RIGHTS, II TRIBES ENTERTAINMENT was designed that creators should be able to maintain creative control, many rights and licensing  for their works. We want to show the world that creators must remain at the center of their projects, characters and stories of their ideas.