Inspire kids from all over the world to dream no matter the obstacles.


Creativity runs deep in what we stand for with over 15 years of experience our motto is to be different.

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ii tribes entertainment

Creativity is not something that come easy. It comes from the mind, heart and gut!  II Tribes Entertainment was created from Xavier's family history being African, Native American and Caribbean ancestries.  His love for family history, world tribes, world cultures, mythology and especially art plays a big part in this company.

A new company with different dreams!

Skills Include

Brand Development

Brand Management



Creative Direction



Ryon Xavier smith

Born and raised in Pontiac, MI this sculptor, mixed media artist, toy designer, writer, IP and brand creator dreams cool ideas 24/7. Xavier decided to create II Tribes Entertainment a IP creation, brand and development company for the global entertainment industry. The company’s mandate is to develop multi-cultural, tribal, mythology, fantasy, comical and live action projects dedicated to the classic art of storytelling with the highest caliber of innovation and creativity.

We write and create amazing concept ideas from start to finish for Films, TV series, Animated and IP brands. Our Properties all have cross platform potential, from television, internet and theatrical releases to toys, clothing lines, comic books, tv, video game concepts as well as all online media.

Primary target markets include preschool, young kids, girls, boys, tweens, teens, young adults and adults. Developed by a creative drive, II Tribes' stable IPs includes Octo Force, Seaside High Girls, Fast-N-Fashion Girls, The Whalemen, TRIBALCONS, Khari Safari, Shella and Seashell Girls, The Detroit Devils & Los Angeles Angels, The Mighty Battle Lizards, Sea-Sirens, Skooly the School Bus and many more


Melissa Vidya Smith: is VP of II TRIBES ENTERTAINMENT since 2013 and wife of CEO Ryon Xavier Smith.  For eleven years Melissa lived her passion of fascial and visceral manipulation as a Massage Therapist and is the founder of Body Temple Massage Therapy in Port Coquitlam, BC.  Upon moving to America and settling in Las Vegas Melissa has switched her career and is currently fulfilling her creativity as a writer for various IP’s under II Tribes Entertainment. 
Melissa has created Fast-N-Fashion Girlz,  Feline Force, co-creator  of the Sea-Sirens:The Princess Fairy Tails.  Wait for her upcoming books: Shella and the Seashell Girls and Skooly & Friends coming soon. 

Melissa says, “Working for II Tribes Entertainment is full of illimitable Intellectual Properties.”